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Why I Started Sensorial

Throughout April, I really wanted to share the stories and experiences of other amazing people who raise awareness and have lived experience of autism. Today it is Casey!

My name is Casey and I was diagnosed with ASD when I was 15 years old. I am now 20 and I own my own small business called Sensorial Sensory Boxes! When I was diagnosed as autistic I didn’t get any support from professionals, I didn’t even know what ASD meant, I thought I was ‘nearly’ autistic. As I accepted my diagnosis over time, I realised that others had experienced the same as me and were struggling to find aids and resources to help with day to day life. I also noticed that there wasn’t a lot of acceptance around autistic adults to have aids such as, sensory toys, fidget items and print out resources. I wanted to change that, I wanted to help make everyone feel included and accepted for who they are instead of confining to the neurotypical way of life. That is why I started Sensorial.

If you search up “sensory toys” most of the time sensory toys come up but there is always “child” in the title. For example, “great for your autistic child” or “allows the child” and so on. That got to me a bit because I’m sure others have felt this too, autistic children grow up to be autistic adults but there’s almost nothing out there for us! Therefore my business is not targeted at children, I try to appeal more to adults and teens to help them feel included but also to allow them to feel safe when buying themselves sensory aids. It can feel quite intimidating or embarrassing to buy fidget toys or sensory toys from shops as an adult. I used to come up with stories to make me seem more “socially acceptable”, for example, I used to say the toys were for my little brother or for a niece or nephew. I didn’t want to feel like that anymore and I thought that if I feel like that, there’s a big chance others do too. Sensorial is a business that doesn’t judge or ask questions. You want a “baby” sensory toy? No problem, I got you and I understand you!

I love my fidget and sensory toys and no one should feel ashamed about that especially when they can help with stimming and regulating. I also understand that for many it still might be difficult to be open about their stimming and using fidget toys due to society’s reaction to adults having fidget toys and being different. So, a lot of the items I sell are smaller and easier to hide in your work bag or in your desk. I do mini fidget bags as they are small enough to be discreet when out and about and no one would be able to tell what’s in them. What I’d like and aim for is for more acceptance for neurodiverse people and autistic people to be ourselves in public without judgment! Don’t ever apologise for being your beautiful autistic self, you are not wrong, you are just different to neurotypicals!

Thank you so much to Casey for sharing her experience of autism!

Please follow her on Instagram @sensorial_sensoryboxes!

If you would be interested in having your story shared on my blog then please get in touch.


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