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Myths and Misconceptions

There are many times that I have heard myths and misconceptions about autism being delivered as facts. This leads to groups of people believing these and misinformation is promoted about Autism. Below are some of the many misconceptions I have been told myself about Autism.

· Vaccines cause Autism.

· Everyone is a little bit autistic.

· Autism is a Learning Disability.

· Only boys can be autistic.

· Autistic people are not creative.

· Autistic people lack empathy.

· Autistic people do not want to make friends.

· Meltdowns are just tantrums.

· Everyone that is autistic is a genius.

· ‘They are high functioning’.

· Being Autistic is not an insult.

These are just a selection of the myths and misconceptions that I have been whilst taking part in Autism Awareness Training. Having this misinformation promoted as facts is extremely damaging to the autistic community and makes it harder for us to be understood. I hope that I can encourage more people to see Autism in it’s true form.


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